The global ‘smart homes and workspaces’ market is growing at a rapid pace. With rising consumer awareness, comfort with smart devices and an aspiration to own next-gen technology, there is a demand for world-class automation products.

Around 2010 a young entrepreneur decided to create intelligent automation products that would change the landscape forever. Today Skroman has a long list of happy clients across multiple countries. Our vision is to be committed to transform everyday living through futuristic products and solutions that are simple, safe and socially responsible.


At Skroman we are cognizant of the growing need for customisable automation solutions. Through our journey we’ve always focussed on creating solutions that are simple, safe, personal, and provide greater value.

We endeavour to create products and solutions that are really friendly and simple to use. Being futuristic from ideation to manufacturing, our products help to simplify the lives of our customers. We call this philosophy ‘SimplicityNext’.

Being obsessive about safety and quality, our diverse portfolio has been developed with the highest degree of craftsmanship. In fact all our products are water and spark resistant. Designed in India, our products and technologies are built to be simple, safe and robust. Almost all of the components are built on next-gen technology, and are sourced from some of the top global suppliers.


Since inception, we have always believed in the power of a solid value system. A team that works towards a common goal with a strong foundation always excels in customer delight. Here are our pillars.

Customer in-focus

Every customer is at the apex of all our endeavours. Customised solutions, constant support and commitment to value delivery are the pillars of our customer-focussed approach.

Innovation Driven

Creating world-class solutions requires continuous innovation. Our cutting-edge technical expertise is at the core of all our innovation. The pinpointed focus on high quality drives our passion to create robust futuristic products.


Being a solutions-oriented organisation, we keep our ears close to the ground for feedback from stakeholders. We’re receptive to constructive comments and strive for customer delight. Our flexible approach allows us to create customised solutions unique to every client’s requirement.


The bedrock of a long and happy customer association is trustworthiness. Our team believes in the products and solutions we create. That is why all our products come with a 5-year conditional warranty to further cement customers’ trust in us.


We believe in taking responsibility for our products and solutions. As an organisation we’re consciously trying to create products that are innovative and cost-effective.


Futuristic Solution

Our long-term vision and strict adherence to international standard protocols ensures that our products and solutions are always future-ready.

Long-Term Engagement

We firmly believe in building long-term relations with all stakeholders, leading to symbiotic benefit and growth.

Ease Of Living

The purpose of all our products is to make everyday life easy. We strive to offer solutions that save time, reduce effort and create smiles.