Lighting that’s convenient and comforting


More security, automatically


Curtain O’ Clock

Lights that work according to your mood


Smart Energy Management

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Master switch on/off

By the press of this button you can turn off every fan, light, ac and other devices in the room instead of going through every switch one by one.

Customizable & shareable mood settings

Along with a variety of colours to choose from, you can also adjust the intensity and brightness to find a setting that suits your mood.

Save energy

With features like master switch and app control, you can control all light, fans and devices easily and reduce the wastage of energy.


Built using futuristic technology, our products are simple and wireless. This makes them retrofittable and their installation hassle-free and convenient.


Our products have designed to be spark-free. This makes them safe to use for one and all.

Voice enabled

The Skroman touch panels are voice-enabled, allowing you to operate them with simple voice commands.


You can control the lights, fans, devices and more via the Skroman app which can be operated through laptop, phones and tab, thereby giving you absolute control.

Protection against burglary

With fingerprint scanning, numeric touch panel, smart card reader, RFID technology and child lock feature, our smart locks keep your home completely safe and secure.

Easy to use

We believe that technology should be simple to understand and easy to implement. All our products and solutions follow a minimalistic design style and are user-friendly and easy to use.


Our Smart Curtain System takes utmost care of your privacy. Now instead of getting up and closing the curtain manually, you can do it easily from the comforts of your bed with the remote control.

Heat Protection

Our new-age technology enables the smart curtain system to assess the outside temperature and open or close automatically to regulate the temperature inside your home.

Smart Alarm Clock

With the scheduling feature, you can schedule the curtains to open or close automatically at a time that you want.

The perfect collaboration

In a Skroman Smart Home, all the devices work in harmony to create a home that’s not only intelligent but is filled with features that enhance convenience at every level. The seamless interaction between different devices synchronise your home, makes it more efficient, comfortable and reliable.

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