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Architects/ Interior Designer

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Add more value

With mood lighting, app control, scheduling features, intelligent security etc., add more value to your home..

Less wiring &
installation woes

Built using the new-age technology, Skroman products are wireless and very easy to install.

No extra hassle

With Skroman you don’t need a special electrician to do the installation. The simplistic design makes installation highly convenient.

Quick to setup

Once everything is installed, your home becomes a smart home immediately, thanks to the Auto Config feature.


With 500+ products, free software, configurations and app, Skroman provides you with everything you need.

Rise above the rest

Raise the bar of competition and get the edge with Skroman’s smart home solutions.

Better business for you

According to a study by Coldwell Banker, smart homes are easy to sell and fetch a higher price as compared to traditional homes.

Builders & Developers

3 Reasons to Install Skroman

Smart space solution

Easy installation and set-up

Constant Integration and technical support

Smart space solution

As a Skroman Partner, you’ll be able to offer a complete 360° smart home solution. With our smart home configuration software and extensions, these solutions have been futuristically designed so that they can be easily integrated to any home, office or building. Moreover, being retrofittable and affordable, they will enhance the convenience and lifestyle of your customers.


Luxury hotels


Commercial Spaces


Luxury homes

Install easily Set up conveniently

At Skroman, our products have been designed so that they are suitable for any project; big or small. Our cutting-edge hardware, configuration software and app are a part of one system and perfect for all smart home installations. Moreover, our software and apps are free to download – with free updates too!

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Why become Skroman Partner?

  • Complete home automation solution
  • Futuristic technology and industry innovations
  • Strong team ethics
  • Better business for you
  • Marketing support & technical support
  • Efficient software with free updates
  • Training and guidance
  • And much more

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